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Real Estate Investing Problems

78% of adults in USA believe that investing in real estate is the best and fastest way to create and preserve wealth!

But only 13% do! Our question is WHY?!

We believe that there are 5 main reasons

Over the last few decades we’ve seen a rise in property prices. Since the crash of 2008 the prices in most places are right back at the same level and even higher in some cities. Individuals looking to invest in real estate simply can’t find great deals, where the price makes (as compared to value or rent that it can demand). Basically, the math doesn’t work.

And how do you know whether the math makes sense?

Simply compare the price you pay (asking price) to the current market value. Are they the same?

If they are, you are leaving much of your wealth to the hope and pray strategy that market will appreciate. Read: you are taking a lot of risk.

If your plan is to rent, what is the rent to price ratio?! If you are not taking at least 1% in rent, you might be exposing yourself to negative cash flow (meaning YOU LOSING MONEY every single month). Sure, sometimes you can make the math work for as little as 0.5%, but that too is very risky. As any minor movement swings you from profits to losses.

What you want to do is find deals that you can purchase well below the market value!


Keep reading and we promise to explain exactly why in a bit…

The second and maybe even bigger reason is ability to find deals, or as some like to call it a “deal flow”. Because vast majority of people don’t know where to look, they enlist help of the local realtor, hoping that will expand and speed up their search. They typically drive around the local market, hoping to see a property for sale well below the market price, to give them enough equity to get in.

But here is the problem, most sellers are very smart these days. They too have access to Zillow and have at least a range of what price they can demand. They too have access to realtors who can advise them (for free) of what the price of their property should be. And unless you find someone desperate for cash that hasn’t heard of re-financing or home equity loan or line of credit, you will know on many, many doors and walk out empty-handed.

As for realtors, yes, you’ll likely get more deals showing up in your inbox, however don’t expect that any of them will have a good price to value difference.

And in case you are super-new to the world of real estate, let us break something else down for you…

You’ve likely enlisted the “buyer’s agent” who told you that their service is free – meaning you don’t have to pay them a penny, they only get paid when the deal is closed, and the seller will pay for that. Are we right?!

But here is the reality… sellers know that they will have to pay 5-8% of the sale price to the realtors. And they also have a solid expectation of what they’d like to make out of the deal. So price is adjusted to reflect that payment.

So, who ultimately pays for the realtors? YOU, the buyer!

And while we think it’s cool that they get paid for the service they provide (they do work many hours) we also think it’s fair for you to understand that it’s not free.

Even if you know exactly where to go to find great deals online, you’ll most likely end up sifting through 100,000’s of web pages and looking at well over 100 deals just to find 1 deal that makes sense.

For experienced investors, this can take about 1 hour per deal. For those starting out, this process can take 3-5 hours per deal or longer.

So, if you look at 100 deals and you spend 1-3 hours per deal, that means you are spending 100-300 hours before you can find a great deal.

To put this in perspective, you are spending anywhere between 2.5 and 7.5 workweeks just to find one deal.

That’s over 2 months of searching!

And that’s if you can afford spending about 40-hours per week for the entirety of those 2 months looking at what’s out there. If you can’t, that process can take 4-6 months or longer!

And then, once you find the deal, you’ll need to spend another 10-50 hours in due diligence (basically a research to tell you whether your initial gut reaction and evaluations were right).

That’s simply a lot of time!

And you are also competing with other investors who are likely looking at the same deal.

The one that finds it faster and can do their research faster wins! And if that’s not you, now you’re back onto another 2+ months of searching!

Many beginner investors start by following the above process. Then, almost as by miracle a FREE workshop of how to invest in real estate or flip real estate rolls in town! EXACTLY what you need!

You call, sign up, and go!

The event is good. Filled with information. Hyped up and exciting. Most of the stories you hear are very motivational and incredibly inspirational, but only a surface is scratched in HOW TO actually do it.

Like an answer to your prayer, an offer is made to enroll in the step-by-step process that will tell you how. A mad rush to the back table is created and before you know it you have invested $10,000 in a program.

You are psyched and know it in your heart that this will work.

The following weekend you attend 16-hour training where they tell you exactly what to do, where to look, whom and when to call. You take notes like crazy and you are pumped at the handout you were given… phone scripts, letters, what to look out for. You got it all!

The seminar is over and off you go following the step-by-step manual you were given and your notes.

They said it would work. It worked for them, so it has to work for you, right?!

And the process looks something like this:

  • Find the pre-foreclosure or distressed property by driving around your neighborhood and looking for signs of distress (overgrown lawn, roof in need of repair, peeling paint, boarded up windows…), or look at obituaries and see if any of those folks had a property being left to the next of kin, or search for foreclosure filings by visiting this site, that site and these articles…
  • Do a quick property research by looking here, here, and here
  • Send a letter to the owner using one of the pre-scripted letters that basically tells them you understand they might be in trouble and you’d like to help. Ask for a phone call or a visit. Or if you are bold enough, just make an offer (typically obscenely low)
  • Call to follow up or send another letter
  • If you get into negotiations, show them how your tiny offer actually helps them and saves them
  • If they accept buy it

Or Who We Are

We are you and you are us…

Tsaishen is not about a person or a few creators. Heck it’s not even about real estate either… okay, well it is, but it’s so much more than just that!

For years, scratch that… decades… nope, not quite right… CENTURIES, those born in the right countries, to the right families, and provided with the best teachers and mentors, were the only ones who were ever deemed worthy enough of owning real estate, creating or amassing great wealth. From buildings to land, farms and even towns, they owned it all.

On their conquests to own more land, they pillaged the earth, spilling commoners’ blood and those that didn’t die were given a right to work the land, but never own it. And not only did they work it, they had to pay for it too.

Things might have changed since that time, but not by much.

For many of us, you still have to be blessed enough to be born in the right country to the right parents (who are well connected), be lucky (if connection doesn’t work) to get in the best schools, and brave (or ignorant) enough to carry the debt burden for that education. And if something is amiss, wrong information programmed in your brain (like stocks are the only way to invest) and your dumb luck doesn’t lead you to the right people to create multi-gazillion dollar start-up in your 20’s, you will forever be a slave to a job, working but never owning, and paying dearly for it all (through taxes and inflation).

My name is Nev Kraguljevic and for decades I have been searching for a way to create an easier way to create wealth in my life. I tried investing in just about anything you can think of, but it was the study of the wealth creation, money, and finance that has ultimately led me to one asset class: Real Estate.

And I tried many different ways to invest in it and have found the most profitable way that one can make money, good money, by purchasing discounted properties (value investing) that are already available online.

Once I started to gain traction with my venture, I have been asked to teach others. And for the past 20 years or so, I have been intimately involved in real estate, investing and teaching, both to full-fledged adults, just like you and to college kids from all over the world.

I am happy to share, that I have taught 100,000’s of people, if not even over a million, by this point. And while my teaching is solid, and I wholeheartedly stand behind it, there was a piece missing.

The world of discounted or value investing is rather vast and complex. Telling my students to visit 1000’s of websites and read all these books I did to learn and get what they want was a bit too much.

I am ashamed to admit that I was like Trey for a while and that I worked like Valery for a very long time.

While I knew of the power of technology, I bought into a belief that you couldn’t use it for real estate and the best we could ever get would be platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, ZipRealty, and Fundrise.

But I was wrong!

Those are just fancy websites that get you a small portion of what this world can offer. And after waiting for years for someone to create something different, I decided that it had to be me… since frankly, I was tired of waiting.

So, I partnered with some of the best minds I could find to put my decades of experience and knowledge into one powerful platform that allows you to leverage my knowledge and experience and combine it with their knowledge to utilize the power of science and technology.

The combined works is Tsaishen!

Why Invest In Real Estate?

Even though there are problems with traditional way to invest in real estate, it still makes it a great investment and one of the best performing assets in the history of investing… going back to the beginning of civilization

Even though there are problems with traditional way to invest in real estate, it still makes it a great investment and one of the best performing assets in the history of investing… going back to the beginning of civilization.

There are only a few assets that one can invest in:

While there are subcategories within each, these are the basic investment options one has. And as you can see from the visual, real estate allows you to participate in all of the asset classes.

It provides equity, especially when you buy well, ability to utilize debt and finance the property, and finally the commodities are used in the products itself (lumber, copper, etc.).

But that’s not where the power of real estate comes in. True power of real estate ownership comes from what it can do for the investor in creating and preserving wealth.

The IDEAL asset:


Having income producing property allows for partial or full monthly income replacement


Accounting term basically making your income and wealth go even further by discounting value.


The ownership of an asset, which can be full or partial that basically indicates what is yours.


An increase in value over time of an asset (rising prices you see), often at or above inflation rate


Ability to borrow against an asset and if done correctly, provides for faster wealth building

But real estate ownership provides an even bigger benefit: potential to reduce your taxable income.

Taxes are inevitable. But the rate you pay is not.

Most of the countries around the world have laws that allow real estate owners benefits and deductions that no other asset provides. And those are the reasons why the smartest and the richest people in the world own real estate.

Taxes are inevitable. But the rate you pay is not

Most of the countries around the world have laws that allow real estate owners benefits and deductions that no other asset provides. And those are the reasons why the smartest and the richest people in the world own real estate.

Learn more

Your Investing Solution

Or What We Do!

Instead of writing a book about it, we figured why now simplify the process…

Basically, Tsaishen becomes your secret weapon… your super-power… your unfair advantage over your competition in real estate investing!

They say money goes to the smartest guys in the room.

We’d like to expand on that…

The money goes out to the person smart enough to leverage available resources, including technology!

And that is what Tsaishen does… it gives you an ability to leverage technology and years of experience.

Oh, and for fun, when you use it, press a button, get a deal, or do anything with it, feel free to yell out “Tsaishen”!

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Easily filter through thousands of deals listed for sale to find yours.

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Know what you are buying with a few simple clicks of a button.

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No need to download anything since everything is stored on the cloud.

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Access thousands of deals all online from the comfort of your home or office.

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You are no longer at a mercy of a team, wholesaler or realtor.

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Find and research your next investment property in minutes not weeks.

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No Contracts EVER

Cancel or change your service any time for any reason, without penalty.

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Case Study…

Say there are 3 investors: Traditional Trey, Value Valery, and Advantageous Ada!

Traditional Trey

Traditional Trey follows the traditional way of finding and investing in deals. He hires realtors to find properties on MLS and pays the full market price. Because he pays the full market price, Traditional Trey relies on market going up, saving like crazy to put down the 20-25% and has to charge premium on his rentals and take a small percentage of appreciation when he flips the property. He can only do about 1 deal every 18 months.

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Value Valery

Value Valery understands the value investing, so she knows about all these great deals available for sale on auctions. Every day, Value Valery spends 5 hours or so searching the internet for upcoming auctions and looking for deals. When she finds one, she then spends about 10 hours of deep research on that one property to see if it’s a great deal and whether she should consider buying it. Because it takes her all this time to find and research deals, she can only consider about 5 deals per year.

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Advantageous Ada

And then, there’s Advantageous Ada who doesn’t want to spend 18 months to get into a deal and doesn’t have 5 hours per day to drown in the innerwebs. Advantageous Ada would rather spend time with family and friends and thinking strategy. Because Advantageous Ada understands the value investing, the control and the speed of money, finding and researching deals, they decide to get an unfair advantage and sign up with Tsaishen. Within seconds, they have hundreds (maybe even thousands) of deals at their fingertips. They filter deals using their own requirements and sort the properties to fit their criteria. In less than 10 minutes Advantageous Ada finds the properties they like, conducts quick research and executes on the deal. While Trey is emailing back and forth with an agent and Valery is going from website to website, Ada has completed the search and is in the process of securing the deal.

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Which of the 3 are you?

Do you want to rely on hope and pray, waiting 18+ months to get into the next deal?

Would you want to spend over 40 hours per week scouring net hoping you find a deal?

Or would you like an unfair advantage where a click of a button delivers deals?

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Deeply Discounded Deals Delivered Fast

Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library.

Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library.

(Without Having To Hire Or Rely On A Team) Find discounted deals fast without having to make a single phone call or send another letter Start Free 14-Day Trail Now,Start Building Your Real Estate Empire Today !

Did you know...

A portion of all monthly subscriptions is donated towards building and improving sustainability in education and housing around the world. By joining Tsaishen you are part of a movement to help make our world, WHILE also improving your financial life. .

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Nev is incredibly compassionate and dedicated to helping people. His business is aligned with really difficult work and knowledge that has potential to change many people’s lives.

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It's pretty easy to get property valued well over 3-5 times of what I pay now that I know exactly where these deals are and how to get into them.

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I have found a way to get out of debt and create an income stream through the simple system of purchasing undervalued real estate. Thank you Nev!

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Risk profile of these deals is incredibly low. Thank you Nev